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Download South dildaar the arya aadhavan 2009 - South movies in hindi

Download free South dildaar the arya aadhavan 2009 from Section: South movies in hindi & Category: South movies. Filetype: South movies avi format & Size: 246573.41 kb

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South dildaar the arya aadhavan 2009

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Description : Genre: action.....release date: 17 october 2009 (india).....directed by: k.s. ravikumar.....starring: suriya, nayanthara, vadivelu....duration: 2hr 47min.....plot: the film opens up in the city of chicago, located in the united states of america with a deal of killing an enemy going between the members of two mafia organisations. they identify the man and find out that he will be visiting kolkata, india in a week and hire an assassin in the name of ibrahim rowther (sayaji shinde).the film then shifts to introducing tharani (anand babu), rowther s son and his foster brother, aadhavan (surya sivakumar). after helping their father finish the transaction successfully, they are contracted by abdul kulkarny (rahul dev) to assassinate a prominent judge of the name subramaniam murali, who is presently working on child kidnapping and murder cases in the east indian belt for sale of their organs to foreign countries. aadhavan fails to shoot the judge on the first attempt and angry with himself for having missed his shot, he promises to finish his mission. he then proceeds to use the judge s innocent servant bannerjee (vadivelu) to get into the family home as murugan, bannerjee s brother in law. he locks up bannerjee s real brother in law, murugan (sathyan), in a ship and threatens bannerjee with his name all the time. slowly aadhavan, as murugan, begins to win over the members of the judge s household beginning with the judge s mother (b. saroja devi), and eventually and finally, his niece, thara (nayantara). he attempts to assassinate the judge in the middle of the night and also plants a bomb in the van while the judge is travelling to darjeeling, but both attempts fail. in darjeeling, aadhavan is handed over a guitar belonging to the aspiring wannabe musician, ilayaman (ramesh khanna) by thara to hide away. he plants a mobile bomb in the guitar and places it in one of the cars which soon explodes.thara is now suspicious but murugan informs her in secret that he is in fact the judge s son madhavan who ran away from home when he was ten. thara soon informs all the members of the household except the judge and ilayaman that murugan is madhavan, although in private muruguan tells bannerjee that he was only joking and that he is not madhavan.however, on thara s birthday, aadhavan shows that he is indeed madhavan. in a flashback, it is shown that a young madhavan carried a gift for thara, where a bomb had been planted by madhavan s friend s mother as an act of revenge. madhavan s father had put her husband in jail. though thara survives, her mother (anu hassan) opens the box and gets killed along with her husband. madhavan runs away from home after stealing a gun from the police, accidentally shooting his father and killing his friend s mother who planted the bomb in the toy. he reaches kolkata and finds a home in ibrahim rowther s place after saving him from his enemies.....